We have 5 CMYK charts, a RGB chart, the "CMYK adjustment chart" and 2 free charts from pantone.com all in vectors and PDF format, editable in Illustrator, CorelDraw or any vector program.



CMYK Charts

If you are a Printer or Graphic Designer...


RGB Chart

I know you will find these charts indispensable....

I have been in the Sign Industry for 32 years, 20 of which in the film industry creating graphics, printing, painting for sets, store fronts, vehicles and planes etc. from Hand-Lettering, Silkscreening, Vinyl Cutting, Inkjet printing & laminating...

It seems I have spent my life matching Colors,  from One-Shot sign enamel, Benjamin Moore Latex paint, PMS Screen ink, and for the last 12 years... matching the Digital Inkjet Printer Colors to those Color matching systems.

I find that matching a "known" or printed CMYK color from the printer to a sample (whether it be a paint chip or a pantone book swatch) is the only real way to be assured of a good match!

I created these charts simply because there were no charts like these anywhere.

You will receive ALL the charts on this site for a donation of $25.


(mainly for the hundreds of hours I put in creating the charts).  Appreciated... Mike Shoring


Cmyk Color Charts Files

FREE Charts